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Most ministers struggle with the "annual stewardship sermon". We would contend that stewardship should be a topic addressed from the pulpit throughout the year.  However, we recognize that whenever you choose to teach about this spiritual discipline, good models of stewardship sermons are a valuable resource.

We will continue collecting sermons to lift up as examples that may be of help to you.  They will reflect a variety of styles and theological perspectives.  These messages are offered as illustrations and provided to you with an understanding that your own personal integrity would not permit you to present these words as your own, and that proper citations will be offered for all quoted material.

If you have heard or you have written a stewardship sermon that you believe would be helpful to others, please contact us. Sermons offered to the Center will be reviewed by our editorial panel and will require your formal consent for electronic publication via our website.

The sermons fall into three categories:

  • Read
    Manuscripts only - in PDF format
  • Listen
    Audio only: choose between WAV or MP3. (Please allow time for files to download)
  • Watch
    Video - provided though a link to our YouTube Channel

Preaching Resources: