Stewardship Q&A

By Bruce Barkhauer on 5/16/2013 8:31 PM

Stewardship and Fundraising are not the same.  They are related, and the fundraising school of thought has many benefits to offer congregations that are serious about improving financial stewardship.  However, stewardship is a much deeper, much more spiritual function that informs a believer’s entire way of living.  Fundraising is about money.  Stewardship is about responding to God’s abundance with faith and trust.

By Bruce Barkhauer on 5/16/2013 8:41 AM

Lexington Theological Seminary has announced that it is selling its buildings and land to the University of Kentucky.  Since 1950, this sacred space has been a fixture in the city and served as a form of identity for Disciple’s deep commitment to an educated clergy.  LTS is the heir of our first foray into theological education (Bacon College) and the distinguished graduates who studied in its classrooms have led the church with honor and faithfulness.  Is it the right move?

By Bruce Barkhauer on 11/3/2011 8:22 AM

A short essay by the Reverend Dr. Katie Hays.